back in business

A long time ago in a land far away and much warmer than where I live now, I had a knitting empire. It was a good empire. Full of brightly colored strings, awkward YouTube tutorials and a podcast about the social implications of crafting in America that is so nerdy I shan’t even mention it’s name. 

But then I moved away. Back to the frigid northern lands I was born to and into a much much smaller apartment that made knitting empires so much more cumbersome. I packed away my stash of undyed lace weight alpaca and stopped updating my much loved crafting blog. I focused on surviving: working a 40-60 hour a week job in advocacy, rebuilding my relationship with my family and shivering on my heating pad watching entire seasons of Drop Dead Diva to keep warm. 

Also, I fell in love. 

Which brings me back to where I was going with this: I’m getting married in two months. And while advocacy and writing and love and Drop Dead Diva are great (well, some of those things are at least) they don’t pay for floral arrangements and wedding insurance and cases of champagne. So here we are again: DaniDo Crafty (the Empire) is back in business. I’ve dyed up some yarns for you to enjoy. So buy them and help this once lonely and cold knitter marry her Hot Cuban/personal space heater. 

Thank you. Hugs and stitches, 


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