Working girl

I was thinking back today about the many many things I have done for work in my life. Here’s a list:

  • Sold children’s clothing
  • Helped feed and clean up after cats at a no-kill shelter
  • Assistant managed a trashy clubwear store
  • Was an overnight merchandising associate for the GAP
  • Was a grave yard waitress in an all night diner
  • Was a late night radio dj with absolutely no audience
  • Worked at Sam Goody in the 90’s, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE
  • Ran front desk at a hair salon, then another one. And another one.
  • Was a leasing agent for an affluent apartment complex in Federal Way, WA
  • Was a barista (FOREVEEEEVER) 
  • Worked in accounts receivable for an IT firm 
  • Managed the front office of a staffing agency, hired day laborers. 
  • Did marketing for a group of gay nightclubs in Vegas 
  • Taught knitting in a yarn shop 
  • Was a substitute teacher
  • Wrote a weekly column about inspiration for a crafting website
  • Owned a business where I sold knitting patterns (I designed them), hand dyed and hand spun yarn
  • Owned a business where I sold hand blended teas 
  • Managed a tea house, gallery and venue 
  • Ran empowerment workshops for 5th and 6th grade girls in at risk schools
  • Was a medical, criminal and legal advocate for victims of sexual assault and their families
  • Wrote music reviews and interviews
  • And now I’m the Entertainment Editor of a local newspaper. Which basically means that I do everything from copy editing news articles and assigning entertainment pieces to freelancers to updating our website and managing our social media presence. 

I think that’s about everything. I’ve done a lot of shit. What’s amazing to me is that I’ve never worked in a bar or a bookstore. Despite those being two of my most favorite places on the planet. I learned early on that retail and waitressing where not for me so that may be why.

Barista’s are allowed a certain level of snarkiness that is frowned upon in a cocktail waitress or food server. Selling yarn is not difficult. The sort of people who buy yarn generally need to be convinced to buy less, not more. “Oh, this has cashmere” is all the work I ever had to do to make a sale at the yarn shop. 

I don’t plan on leaving my current job/career anytime soon but this list kind of makes me wonder what new things I’ll add in the next 10 years. 

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Real Friends

In reference to me barely ever leaving my house anymore and hardly seeing my friends.

Liz: What do you look like again?

Me: I don't even know. I think I've turned into one of the hobbit/elf things that count money in Harry Potter

Liz: Sick

me: Seriously.

All I do is cry, drink, write and sleep

fuck, I'm Hemingway.

only, you know, way less talented

Only two more weeks until I have one job again and no wedding to worry about. I can do this.

This is how I know my friends love me, by the way.

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